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Resolved | Oct 21, 2020 | 14:13 GMT+02:00

The issue has been resolved for the 2 clusters impacted. The underlying technical root cause was a database migration causing a table lock on one of the applications' main tables. This was further complicated by automated database cleanup processes happening on the same table a the same time.

Our apologies for the downtime experienced.

Investigating | Oct 21, 2020 | 12:44 GMT+02:00

The fix we've applied has not yet had it's intended effect. We're continuing to investigate.

Resolution in progress | Oct 21, 2020 | 11:49 GMT+02:00

A fix is being released to the production environments impacted.

Open | Oct 21, 2020 | 11:17 GMT+02:00

Unfortunately we pushed a faulty release to 2 of our production clusters. This is causing downtime for https://app.turn.io. We are busy issuing a fix and the systems should be online again shortly.

Our sincere apologies for this inconvenience, we will provide updates here as we address the underlying issue.

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